Community Health Plan

Community Based Social Health Insurance is a health insurance programme for a group of households, or individuals within a community or occupation based groups. It works on the principle of collective pooling of health risks and funds. The members take part in its management. The contribution per participant is paid monthly and very affordable. Easy access to healthcare in time of need is guaranteed at a chosen provider within the community. Families are saved from huge medical bills and out of product medical expenses. Currently, MHS operates Community Health Insurance for traders in Oshodi Markets, Computer village, Ikeja and Agric Market, Ikorodu. Benefits Consultation General Medical Consultation Drugs Medications, Injections, Injectibles, Suppositories, Wound dressing etc. Routine laboratory investigation ( Malaria parasite; Widal; Full blood count and Differentials; Urine Microscopy, Culture and Sensitivity; Blood Sugar; Electrolyte and Urea, Creatinine as requested by the Doctor) Minor Surgery ( day case like incision and drainage, excision of lipoma) X-ray Chest X- Rays, Plain Abdominal X- Rays, Limb, Neck, Skull, Back and Joint X- Rays. Etc Emergency Care Services Ultrasound Scan, Simple Pelvic and abdominals Scans. Hospitalization in a standard Ward for not more than 15 days in a year. Health promotions and Counselling Annual routine physical examination and health counselling at our model clinic or any appointed hospital.

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