School Health Plan

The proposed Medicare is summarized as follows; Cover focuses on ailments peculiar to children of school age Children covered must be of school age Focus is on private schools Cover is provided whether School is in or out of session There will be a Group Personal Accident cover alongside the health cover which covers for accidents, permanent disability and death. Healthcare Benefits – School Health Insurance Plan Emergency Services Stabilization at Primary Healthcare Provider Provision of emergency drugs Referral to higher centers where necessary Access to a medical emergency support helpline Outpatient Services General and Paediatric consultation Laboratory tests: MP, Widal, CBC, Genotype, Blood Group, FBS, RBS Prescribed drugs Radiological Investigations; X-Rays Minor surgical procedures: Incision and Drainage, Simple Suturing Observation for less than 12hrs Inpatient Services 3 day hospital admission per term Nursing Care Feeding (Where hospital provides) Covered Treatment Malaria Typhoid Gastroenteritis Enteric Fever Sepsis Diarrhoea Infection Respiratory Tract Infections Simple Lacerations Foreign body removal from ear, nose and throat

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